Saturday, September 10, 2011

School holidays are over

MET 331 and Glasgow 22 were the service cars yesterday. The Museum was a lot quieter except when a large coach party arrived. Last week I issued sixty something child tickets, this week I issued one.

Glasgow 812 was out for an Ultimate Driving Experiance.

I was 22's conductor and Geoff (no relation) Lomas was the driver.

22 is dwarfed by the tri-axle coach from Swindon.
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  1. I was the conductor on 331, and I only issued 3 child all-day tickets, and it really was quiet! And, of course, I was bound to get the coach load on my tram... that trip was about 3/4 full and was the most number of people on one trip that day.

  2. Bill Giles10/9/11 21:19

    Good to see that there's some high capacity trams in service on such a busy and hot dry day!