Monday, January 03, 2011

Chuckle Brother's tea party

A collaborator/fellow traveller has sent the following contribution to the sartorial debate in this disturbing blog.
“Following on from the Ken Jones piece on your blog, I note John Shawcross is still wearing the same red jumper! as seen in the attached pics taken during a tea party at the Chuckle Brother's Tea Bar for combined workshop & traffic dept staff, images taken on 30th May 2010.
Will John's red jumper now become another celebrity pullover? Although it looks more like a fleece I think.”

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  1. I think you will find it is the same flat cap as well. Some things at museums and transport societies and even model railways are desigmated as permanent.

  2. I seem to have suddenly started cropping up in these photos... that's twice this week... both times looking like I'm doing nothing useful (probably because I'm not)! I can't remember either photo being taken, but then again it was a while ago...