Saturday, August 06, 2011

We coped, just!

Yesterday at 9:30 there were 6 traffic staff at the Museum but only 2 drivers. The third driver had been unavoidably delayed. We could only run 2 trams instead of the planned 3 and we had to call on workshop employees to help us get Southampton 45 and Jo'burg 60 out of the depot. We ran a fully loaded tram every 15 minutes until 12:00 when the third driver arrived. He was just in time as there was a request for Berlin 3006 and lunch breaks were approaching. We were now able to keep 45 and 60 running through lunch breaks and run 3006 when needed.
So we coped but it was stressful for all concerned and in particular for the Inspector.

One of the reasons for the driver shortage this year is stringent medical checks which are not being enforced at other tramways. 


  1. We had the same problem last Monday (1/8), but began with a 3-car service until the driver of 812 (the largest capacity tram in use on the day) had to go for his medical, which he failed on the new, more stringent eyesight regulations, and he wasn't allowed to finish the day so we were down to two trams as we had two drivers and four conductors! The Inspector had begun the day driving in service, and one of the other drivers had to leave early so we had to get a Board Member who was on site (and had registered his availability to drive in service earlier that day) to drive one of the trams. We coped as well, but only just...
    It's becoming a troubling situation indeed...

  2. Ben Watcher6/8/11 13:00

    The new eye sight requirements surely cannot(?) be affecting a huge percentage of our drivers when the Department of Transport reckon they will only adversely effect around 600 of the whole uk population (the stuff is on their website), they are probably in actual fact mainly affecting those who attend most often during the week as a result of the inevitable age profile and this is having a disproportionate effect on the Museum.
    The issue that really needs addressing is that of culture, people are too ready to criticise and pull down others behind their backs or on the internet, the Museum isn't always a nice place to work, so people aren't volunteering. There are too many cliques and sometimes it is those that you think are likeable and fun that really have the knife in your back, not those that try to help you do better by pointing out directly, face to face and only to you if there is a problem!