Monday, August 29, 2011

rails i ferradures

Yesterday railsiferradures posted a comment on this blog inviting readers to look at their web site. This is a fascinating site with pictures of unusual tramways very often horse drawn. The only problem is that it is written in Spanish but it is well worth visiting for the pictures.
The two pictures I have published are taken from Dennis Gill's book Tramcar Treasury published in 1963.


  1. David Holt29/8/11 16:10

    You can do "Translate this page" via Google to get a passable English version of this fascinating info. If only the centre rail in Caen/Venice was conduit - no OLE!

  2. Thank Richard for this Post,
    My son (ferraduras) and I are pleasantly surprisedwith its.
    We are thinking on future translate some posts.
    Meanwhile receive you a greeting from his followers and friends:
    rails i ferradures