Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Australia & Blackpool

1. A member who now lives in Australia has donated a number of engineering drawings he acquired as a young man. Mick Smith and Tony Wilkes holding one of them in front of MET 331.
2. Blackpool 40 is back in service. The other service car today was Blackpool 167. I still don't understand why we run two such similar cars on the same day.
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  1. Anonymous3/6/08 18:11

    The two trams have noting similar apart from the running equipment.
    To the avarage visitor they are aren't the same as one is red and double decker and the other a green single decker.
    You've pointed out before on this site about the cars been the same but it does depend on the weather and what the drivers can drive.
    It does also depend on whats on the board.