Saturday, April 01, 2017


Power car 3 brings a train from Palma into Soller; tram depot on right, train depot on left. Tram 1 shunts the train depot when required.

New pantograph castings made by a Barcelona foundry, compared with the originals

The original forge still in use if required

Needle roller axle bearing for ex-Lisboa MV115 motor

Curious little Renault inspection saloon rear
How many people do you need to clean train windows?
Hispano-Suiza tower wagon, still used on a regular basis rear
Hispano-Suiza tower wagon, still used on a regular basis

This Renault was in use for many years to transfer personnel along the line, the engine still starts and ticks over

New body under construction using an ex-Lisboa underframe

Maley and Taunton swing-link truck, ex-Lisboa, as received

Power car 3 arriving at Soller. This is the last power car to retain the original rheostatic brtaking equipment

Backing onto the train in the yard at Palma. The power car still retains leather settees in first class.

Mural on the side wall of a building at Palma station

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