Thursday, October 13, 2016


I have just enjoyed 10 days on the Longworth tour to East Germany with good weather most of the time.  For the blog I took a few tramway photos, but mainly looked on the tour as a nostalgia trip as I had not visited for many years and wanted to see how the towns had developed since reunification.
We stayed in Brandenburg for the first three nights of the tour and visited other towns from there.  On this day wse staqrted the mornng at Brandenburg Tramway Museum, then  had the hire of tram no 30 for a stadtrundfahrt.
Entrance to the tramway museum

Service 1 en route to Hauptbahnhof

Car 30 arriving at the museum ready to take us on our stadtrundfahrt

C\ar 30 with route 2 service car outside the Hauptbahnhof

Route 1 to Hauptbahnhof in the main street

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