Saturday, December 30, 2006


These will be my last pictures of 2006. I have chosen the Extravaganza because few pictures were published of this year's event.
1. We used to have a Ford Escort similar to the AA one being passed by LCC 106.
2. What can I say?
3. Colin Heaton working as a waiter at the Red Lion.
4. Finally a picture of me in the Red Lion listening to Keith Terry.
Finally a few thoughts on the year. I was both surprised and delighted to be asked to produce a few more issues of The Journal. It was hard work because printing technology has changed significantly since 1995. However I invested in a new more powerful computer, a large flat screen to able to see a complete double page spread and more surprisingly an instruction book. I have also enjoyed my work cataloguing maps and timetables and hope to complete the initial survey by Easter. My disappointment was that my application to join the driving school was rejected.
For 2007 - I hope to be able to produce a few more Journals, carry on with the timetables and to be accepted by the driving school. Finally I intend to continue with this blog although Google is trying to persuade me to upgrade to the latest version of the software which I am reluctant to do.
Season's greetings to all my readers.

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