Friday, July 25, 2008

Derby Bus Station (& TMS AGM)

I took a few pictures of the site Derby bus station yesterday now that work on a replacement has started. 40 years ago I worked on the old bus station. I also first met Kath on the bus station so I would have preferred it to have been refurbished rather than demolished.
1 & 2. The bus station site.
3. My bus home in the temporary (nearly 3 years old) bus station.

Don't forget it is the TMS AGM in Matlock tomorrow. The three topics that I hope are addressed are:
1. Financial Irregularities which I think means the theft of our hard earned money.
2. Catering where the losses continue to escalate - what is the budgetted loss for this year? Two years ago the meeting was assured that franchising would be considered - lets get on with it and get the losses under control.
3. Communications. Why do some Society Officers never bother to acknowledge my e-mails even when they contain offers of help? I would like it to become Society policy for all e-mails to be acknowledged immediately and answered within a couple of weeks.

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