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1. Brian Longworth, David Smith, Ian Yearsley, Colin Heaton before the meetings.
2. Representatives of the many members who kept the Museum running during the meetings.
3. Geoff Quarmby and Roger Benton.
4. Derbyshire County Coucil - Council Chamber in Matlock prior to the meeting.
I will be drafting a report of the meetings for David Smith, Journal Editor. Unless specifically asked not to I will post a very brief report here over the next couple of days.

Morning Meeting at Crich
Malcolm Wright gave an overview of the draft of Part 2 of the Trams Report. Copies of this report are available to members from
The role of the Museum and the second generation tramways was discussed (contemporary collecting is now encouraged) with offers of technical documents from DLR and of the public enquiry in Liverpool. Reference was made to a recent meeting of the engineers group at Crich who were impressed with the Library and that they may deposit papers on a formal basis - partly to overcome problems of the fragmented nature of the ownership and operation of today's tramways.
Restoration policy was discussed with John Shawcross emphasising the need for thoroughness in major restorations. Anything that is skimped over will surely come back and bite you. However we are now considering smaller projects to enable a trams active service to be prolonged such as new seat upholstery for Leeds 180, new axles for Newcastle 102 and a body overhaul for Paisley 68.
Alan Pearce asked about a Blackpool Centenary car and the anniversary celebrations in 2010. John Shawcross said that up to 6 trams might go to Blackpool (Glasgow 22, Blackpool 40, Southampton 45, Blackpool 167, Oporto 273 and Leeds 399). In return he would like to see 3 balloons (1 showpiece and 2 workhorses) and a boat. John would love to see a Centenary car but Blackpool will try to keep one of everything. Finally Geoffrey Claydon reminded the meeting of the implications of ROGS.
Glynn Wilton described Attitude Statements which are used by the NRM and that the Museum is adopting. Essentially these are a structured description of the vehicle, its condition and its percieved value and role in the collection.

AGM in Matlock
I have now drafted a report of the AGM for The Journal but if David Smith decides that pictures of buses would make for a more interesting magazine then I won't be offended.
Colin Heaton and Peter Moore expanded on The Chairman's Review and the Financials respectively and the Special Resolution was passed by 136 votes to 6.
The matter of financial irregularities is still sub judice as the people concerned are still being dealt with and the Board was unable to comment further.
The reasons for the catering losses were explained but no specific action was promised. (This problem is likely to become more accute with rapidly rising food and energy costs.) The overall electricity bill is expected to double from £26K to £50K.
In reply to a question about IT skills by Nigel Walker, Jan Barratt replied that she is working on an ICT project with 5 secondary schools which should result in an online resource. Nigel also commented that he relies on this blog for news at present (thanks Nigel).
A date for your diary is Spring Bank Holiday weekend 2009 when 50 Years of Crich will be celebrated. I am looking forward to this because I joined the Society as a 17 year old schoolboy in May 1959.
Brian Longworth described the work of the Membership Committee in drafting a voluteer policy. Roger Sexton was concerned about the shortage of tram crews and also stated that affordable catering is essential. Bob Pennyfather reported that there has been a good response to a questionnaire sent to all crew members and he is expecting a draft summary shortly. Changes will be made and the results shared with the membership. (I sent my rely a week ago suggesting that we will have to plan for a new world without a plentiful supply of volunteers because the older members are retiring and we aren't attracting young members to anything like the same extent of the local railways).
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