Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hello from Poland (and more good news)

Today I am delighted to have received an email from Łukasz Stefańczyk in Lodz, Poland. Lukasz has seen my picture of a Lodz tram in the historical section and wants to know when it was taken etc. I will reply later this evening.

I have copied the following announcement from the Museum's offical web site which is in addition to the HLF grant.
"Crich Tramway Village has been rewarded with various grants to improve and develop areas of the museum. Some of the funding is to be used to improve the signage around the Woodland Walk area. A proportion of the money will go towards the Rolls Royce Community Development project, which is to start early next year. The museum is also to take part in a pilot staff training programme over the winter."
1 & 2. A couple of pictures of the trams in the depot today.
3. Today's service trams were Glasgow 812 and Leeds 180.
4. I spent the day clearing these shelves as a first step towards reorganising the library.

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