Monday, September 08, 2008


Mike Crabtree took these pictures yesterday before his digital camera packed up due to getting soaked in the rain.
1. Depot fan covered in Beatles and camper vans.
2. Leeds 399 in front of the depot gates.
3. Leeds 399 and Blackpool 167 through the arches.
4. Campervans. We hired a new VW campervan in 1974 for a family holiday to Scotland. It rained every day! I will add a few pics to the Archive shortly.
Now the good news. Mike dried his camera in the airing cupboard and it is working again now.

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  1. Anonymous8/9/08 22:01

    Depot fan covered in Beatles? Hope you got all their autographs. That would be ramarkable.

  2. Anonymous12/9/08 20:32

    Or even remarkable!