Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Enthusiasts' Day

Don't forget that Saturday (27th) is Enthusiasts Day with a day long programme of events including a Blackpool cavalcade. "A special bus (suspected to be ex-Western SMT) will meet the following trains at Whatstandwell Stn; 09 51, 11.51, 13 30.The bus will depart the museum for Whatstandwell Stn at 15 30 (to connect with 15 48 train) & 16 50 (to connect with 17 11 train)."
1. Balfour Beatty attending to the point dummy at Town End.
2. Ripley & Heanor News photographer and Glynn Wilton.
3. A number of civic dignitaries including the Mayor of Amber Valley visited the Museum.
4. Southampton 45 was used to test the newly welded pointwork.
To answers Jack's questions: the photograph was posed. Service tram (60) is about to run wrong line to the Depot Crossover and works tram 45 has come wrong line from the depot.
Until the work was complete the northbound service trams were crossing over at the depot crossover and then taking the left hand tracks to Cliffside.

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  1. Anonymous24/9/08 19:47

    Hey Richard! Looks very interesting today... Jo'berg 60 and So'ton 45 especially so... were trams wrong lining to the Depot Crossover and changing there, or all the way to Cliffside?


  2. Anonymous25/9/08 11:22

    This is what i meant ;) I guessed that 45 was there for a reason but wondered how far 60 was wrong-lining - does this mean that the depot cross north bound is now fixed? :D :D