Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Open Letter

To: The Chairman of the Tramway Museum Society
From: Richard Lomas

Hello Colin

I was very pleased to see from Contact that the Adlib Collections Management system is finally going to be brought into use this Autumn. It is five years now since I attended an initial training session that revealed a few issues to be resolved before it was implemented and it is goodness knows how many years since the Museum had a functioning cataloguing system. Probably not since Rosy Thacker retired.

In the absence of a collections management system and with the knowledge and agreement of the curator, I prepared a simple Excel spreadsheet to list all maps and timetables in the Museum's collection. The plan was for this data to be imported into the Adlib system once it was implemented. Adlib had confirmed that this was practicable.

The most recent version of this spreadsheet I have contains 6760 entries. I also prepared Excel lists of other artifacts with 1139 entries.

Please confirm that all this work I did for the Museum will not be lost and that it will be incorporated into the new Adlib system.

Many Thanks.

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