Sunday, May 11, 2014


Route 12 entering Martim Moniz
 The lack of consistent services on route 12 and 28 was obvious.  It was possible to be in the queue at Martim Moniz for the 28 only to see 4 Reservados cars pass the stop full of cruise passengers, then have a wait of over 15 minutes for a 28 which would then be followed swiftly by another 28 with another long wait for service.  The 25 route was not running, due to road works, covered by a replacement bus.  The 18 was intermittent and the 15 although reasonably frequent was not reliably timetabled.
Loading in Martim Moniz

Route 15 en route to Alges at Santo Amaro

Packed route 28 on the circuit

Route 28 again - not packed this time

Well graffitied Bica elevadore

Gloria elevadore with extra passenger, passing our hotel the Suico Atlantico Hotel
Looking down Bica elevadore

Roue 15 on way to Cais de Sodre passing Estoril Railway

Route 18 at Ajuda

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