Saturday, May 24, 2014


Took a risk on the weather and went to Blackpool for the Heritage running day today. We arrived at 1100 to fine but dull weather, which then became very wet from 1430.  There seemed to be a very good turnout of spotters despite the weather forecast. The only problem is that I still haven't ridden on one of the new trams, ce la vie! An excuse to visit again. (by the way the Blackpool donkeys went home early due to the weather).

Very frequent service on the Flexcitys and well patronised too

Service trams crossing at Talbot Square/North Pier

Just managed to get a ride on the open topper before the rain started

167 at the crossover at North Pier.  We later rode all the way to Thornton Gate and return on 167.

147 and 167 at Pleasure Beach

and again (147 later broke down at Bispham)

Open topper gone to depot and 717 in replacement  went  to Cabin

Liked the light fittings on 717

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