Monday, September 01, 2014


The newest trams in Da Lian are a rather ugly locally built  'low floor' DL6WA type (but only low floor if at a platform stop, not too frequent) and some rather nice 1927 cars with art deco light fittings and very authentic sounds, which should alternate with the newer trams on route 201, but seems to be every 3rd or 4th.  Route 201 is  very slow as it is fighting the copious traffic most of the way along it's route. The fare on route 201 is terminus to railway station CNY1 and railway station to other terminus CNY1 necessitating fighting your way to the ticket machine if you ride across the railway station boundary.  Fares are either paid by smart card or notes into a fare collection box.

Arriving at Da Lian station

Da Lian DL6WA tram

Basic controls

All the DL6WAs we travelled on had loose covers on the seats

Route 201 in a much more pleasant livery

1937 car on route 201

Route 201

Route 201 at the seaside terminus, which has been cut back several stops due to building works

Interior view showing the old photos of trams in Da Lian behind the hand rails

Beautiful art decor type light shades

201 working its way through the traffic - note the easily remembered fleet number!

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