Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stone Workshop - contractor's offices

Hazel Quarmby sent me these pictures - thanks Hazel.
On Monday the contractor's offices for the stone workshop reconstruction project arrived at the Museum.

I guess that Santa's Grotto is not going to be in the Assembly Rooms this year.Posted by Picasa


  1. Nice to see something visibly happening with this particular project, as it has been in the pipeline for a long time, with people waiting for some sign like this that it is going to begin.
    It should be brilliant when finished!

  2. Waste of money!!! One of the most pointless projects the Museum has undertaken yet... and I'm normally speaking in defence of them!

    There are more important areas of the Museum that should be looked at first before creating a building that adds very little to the museum, namely:
    *The Assembly Rooms Exhibition - outdated, dark, dingy!
    *Depot space!!!
    *Children's indoor 'play area'
    *Finishing the Exhibition Hall off (And I'm one of it's biggest advocates, it's beyond a joke now...)
    *Workshop Gallery is probably ready for a refresh...
    *Ripley Police Station
    *A permanent 'theatre' for special events

    ...I could go on, but it's 1AM.



  3. I'm curious to know, Jack, why this project will add very little to the Museum. The way I see it, it is another new exhibition which will draw in visitors and saving one of the few original buildings that stand at Crich from demolition.
    As I am sure you are aware, the general condition of the building is very poor, and needs either restoring or demolishing. It seems to me that you would go for the latter, which is a shame, as there is now fifty years of history on the site itself which is largely unknown and visitors are always asking me how the Museum started, why at Crich, and what was there before.
    True, the other projects you mention need attention, but you have to prioritise carefully. As far as I am aware:
    - The Assembly Rooms Exhibition is fine for now, but should be considered for revamp once the main Hall is finished (can't do everything at once!)
    - Depot space is being looked into, and plans made, but it lacks funding.
    - The indoor play area is still fairly popular with kids (hence "Can we go to the indoor play area again Mummy?" comments from children that I regularly hear)
    - The Exhibition Hall is a large project that, like all things, takes time. Just have a bit of patience and remember that things cannot be done instantly.
    - The Workshop Gallery could do with refreshment, but that may be done in conjunction with the new exhibition in the Stone Workshop as the two will be linked.
    - Ripley Police Station is being negotiated.
    - A "Theatre". OK, fine, but where?! And what is wrong with what is used at the moment? Surely hiring a tent for the few times a year it is used is much cheaper than a full brick building? I assume it is hired, but the tent could well be owned by the TMS, making it much cheaper still!

    Now, before you inevitably criticise me for having an opinion different to yours and therefore unworthy of public display, tell me what you are doing in relation to any of the projects you have listed. I bet it is minimal, yet you come onto a public site and complain about it not being done. You should be ashamed.

  4. Jack
    the stone workshop does need doing as it has been proped up in side for the last 20 plus years as there roof is unstable so for not need doing and a waste of money it is far from that
    as it is one of the origanal buildings from the old site before the tms moved in
    it deserves to be done forget the other things that have't been done if you want i could write you a list of what needs finishing round the museum

    Jonathan Johansson