Saturday, November 20, 2010

Toilets and artifacts

The toilets behind the old bookshop are being upgraded.

John Henderson sent me this comment.
'By the way, the picture of the bookshop on your blog shows the weathervane on top of it. It came from Bridge Road Tramway Sheds in Stockton on Tees. It was put on the roof for the opening of the electric tramways of "Imperial Tramways".
In 1966 I went on the roof to remove it (with permission). It is an image of their california single deckers. It greatly annoys me that some idiot at Crich decided to paint it red and white. The material is zinc coated grey and that it exactly how it should be; it did perfectly well 68 years. Just like our trams, history is so easy to destroy or lose, so I would be grateful if someone with some responsibility would remove the stupid red and white paint and restore it to how it should be.'
The picture of New York 674 was taken in 1979 just after the then bookshop had been refurbished. The grey weathervane had been installed the previous winter and can just bee seen the background.

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