Monday, November 22, 2010

The workshop

Leeds 399 is looking good.
Matthew painting the Bradford section box.

The crane under frame is now yellow and black.
Peter and John working on the crane's braking system.Posted by Picasa


  1. Dixie Normus22/11/10 22:50

    Was this picture pre-arranged?I have been a Volunteer at Crich for nearly Twenty years now and was unfortunatly shunted out of the workshop circle.Anyway,i never once remember Peter Bird or John Shawcross being on the shop floor.Im sorry Richard but this had to be staged?

  2. Sam N Ellah23/11/10 20:20

    Dear Dixie or who ever you are.
    You've obviously not been in the workshop very much or you spent too much time talking to notice what's happening, but both Peter and John have spent a considerable amount of time both on the shop floor and doing paperwork that's required away from the museum. Why was you shunted out of the workshop in the first place?

  3. I must admit I thought the comment a little unfair as on all of my recent visits to the museum over the last couple of years I have seen John in the workshop.

  4. I haven been active in the workshop since March 1981 and I have seen John busy in the Workshop every time I came over. What is not always appreciated by the membership is the sometimes horrible amount of paperwork required from the manager of a professional workshop with paid staff. No wonder John has to lock himself up in his office! I know he would prefer to paint trams, not paper.

  5. Richard Lomas posting unfair comments on his blog? What an utterly offensive attitude you have, Freel07! Any chance of you feeling ashamed of yourself?

  6. Only people who make very unfair comments and others who allow them on blogs like this should be ashamed. Come on, anonymous: make yourself known. Only cowards and fools hide behind anonymity. I know what Dutch courage means in English. I have learned what English courage is through people like Anonymous. At least the Dutch and the Germans don't hide behind their mother.

  7. Me ashamed, perish the thought! Anyway the comment wasn't Richard's it was Anonymous.

  8. One of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard, ever. People on this blog need to get the 'old' ideas out of their head (Sorry, MADE UP ideas!) and get over themselves.

    I've been a regular workshop volunteer for nearly two years now, and every time that I have been to the workshop and John or Peter have been in they have been working just as hard as any other member of the team on the shop floor making things happen. Why? Because the workshop is a TEAM and people do things TOGETHER. Seems many people forget that we're all working towards a common goal.

    And as several commentators have said - yes, they do have to 'hide away' in the office, but it's certainly not through choice and rather through necessity. Hmmm!

  9. i think personnally that most of the Anonymous people on here want to come to the museum and see what goes on behind the scenes. Both John and Peter spend a lot of time in th office prepering documents and ordering materials and many other jobs as well as spending ime on the shop floor. Every time i've been inspector, both have had overalls on at least part of the day. They aren't the only people at the museum who spend a lot of time behind the scenes, but the others don't get insulted for been seen on the shop floor.

    STOP commentng about things you don't know anything about and get the facts right first as Jack keeps saying.