Saturday, November 27, 2010

Track repairs

These pictures were taken yesterday. The new rail is in place and the outside works staff were consolidating the ground prior to ashphalting planned for early next week. Last night's snow fall may well delay this.

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  1. Charles Grey27/11/10 19:15

    Looks like they might have to have the next Board meeting somewhere else too. Wonder if they did anything about the request for copies of Board minutes that one member made at the AGM. With people on the Board like Malcolm Wright, I suspect not. After all - he's been heard to say that it's the Board that run the Museum, and members should leave them to it.

  2. Sam N Ellah4/12/10 18:12

    Leave Malcolm Wrong, sorry Wright to it!!!! Wasn't it him when bored member of engineering had town end track redone by digging all of the ash out of what was a cutting on the mineral raiilway and back filling with ballast (nothing wrong there) but putting back all of the scrap track which had to be taken up again a few years later and replaced. How much has that cost the museum redoing bad jobs instead of getting the whole job done in one go?. At least the present board member has his head screwed on in relation to engineering


  3. Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it? I wish people would accept a majority decision taken by the Board at a given time under the then current circumstances, even if they do not agree with it. You can not always get things right so some wastage is inevitable. Sounds rude, but is a fact of life.