Monday, September 01, 2014


Shenyang has a new tramway built for the 12th Chinese National Games and opened in August 2013.  There is 70km of tramway with routes 1, 2, 3 and 5 in operation (although route 3 was not operating on the day we were there). Route 4 is in the planning stage and route 6 is under construction.  There are 30 trams built by Changchun - 20 of these are 100% low floor, the other 10 are 70% low floor and all have super capacitors and run in areas with no overhead.

Interior shot showing ticket machines and paper transfer tickets

Interior shot showing 100% low floor design

Route 5 in super capacitor mode on way from Airport

Route 5 in the city centre

Route 2 

Route 2

Route 5 with yet another area of apartment buildings en route to the Airport. (We were amazed by the amount of new building along the route to the airport and many new wide roads crossing the route with very little traffic at present.

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