Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Half Term am

It was a nice Autumn day so Kieran and Joshua took their grandfather to the Tramway Museum. They arrived at 11:00 am at about the same time as everyone else.
1. The queue at the entrance looked a bit daunting but it moved along quite quickly and we were soon given our pennies for the tram fare.
2. The tram was number 60 from South Africa and Josh had a front seat to Glory Mine but a back seat on the way back.
3. There was a Halloween mask making stand in the Exhibition Hall and we had just got started when a lady called Cara asked us to have our phtographs taken for the Derbyshire Times.
4. Tram 330 from Sheffield is going to be the special Halloween tram at the weekend but we won't be able to see it because we are going to Ipswich and grandad thinks he is going to London on a steam train? - perhaps he is getting senile.

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