Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Half Term pm

Continuing Kieran and Joshua's adventures at the Tramway Museum from the previous post.
5. We had someting to eat and drink in the pub - sausage rolls, crisps and an American soft drink. Grandad had a coffee because he was driving.
6. We went to the children's play area (although Kieran was 21 days too old nobody noticed). Sometimes grandad is a tram conductor so we enjoyed jumping on him.
7 & 8. Next we visited the outdoor playground and had a go on most of the things. Grandad made sure Crich Stand was on the pictures so we would remember where we were. He also threatened to send us home on Doyle's bus if we got mud on our shoes.
Finally we walked along the Woodland Walk, looked at the wood carvings and played in the maize before catching a tram number 345 from Leeds back to the Museum. After another quick visit to the indoor play area, we collected our masks, had one last tram ride, nipped in the Sweet Shop and went home at about 4:00 pm.
A good time was had by all.

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