Friday, February 23, 2007

Leeds 345

I have had a wonderful time today as conductor on Glasgow 1297 and also for a few trips on Glasgow 812 - two of my favorite trams. Thank you to everyone who made this possible (workshop, inspectors, drivers).
1.Glasgow 1297 ready to leave track 1 in the workshop.
2&3. Leeds 345 seen between Depot VI and the meeting room. It had been moved here because it was parked in front of 812 in Depot V.
Because of weddings (not mine) and other distractions, I will not be able to be a tram conductor again until late May. In the meantime I have a Journal to produce in March and I am also attending a 'customer care' type training course in March. I am looking forward to this, both to find out my own weaknesses, and to press for more customer focussed tram crews.
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