Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An EXTREMELY successful weekend

Colin Heaton has sent me these three pictures of the 1940s event over Easter weekend. He comments: 'I see on your blog you query whether all the re-enactors etc affect the profitability. The answer is yes but not in a negative sense, I think this year, for the first time, we were able to almost swamp the ‘modern’ visitors in some areas. We were up on last year and had the best Easter since 1993. Catering and The Red Lion Bar had record takings over the weekend.'
1. Crowds at Town End.
2. Dancing in the Red Lion.
3. Colin tells me he thinks there are five TMS members on this picture - unfortunately I don't know them so please e-mail your names and I will update the caption.

Finally how many post 1940's artifacts can you see on the third picture? I think there three.

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  1. The TMS members are Malcolm Davies on the left, Gillian Davies in the light blue, Tracey and Pete with son Ian (Don't know their surname) and the lady on the right has I believe the surname Woolmer but not absolutely sure.