Sunday, April 29, 2007

Off to Romania

We will be leaving in the morning to catch a Wizz Air flight to Bucharest where we hope that Radu will be waiting for us with a hire car (I have always wanted to be met at an airport with some one with a placard saying 'LOMAS'). I will update the Romania section of the blog if we stay in a hotel with affordable broadband.
I have found an internet connection courtesy Best Western but it is very very slow. First Wizz Air was very good leaving 1 min early and arriving 2 mins early. Second I was wrong about the placard - it said 'Richard Lomas'. So far so good - seen lots of trams from many German towns.
I have news on the European City of Culture this year which has one more tram in service than Liverpool and also about a shuttle service in Oradea. In haste. Richard.
These pictures were taken last Tuesday.
1. LCC 159.
2. Can you recognise the hard working trolley boy?
3. Two shades of red - LT 1622 and Leeds 180.

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