Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chesterfield in 1924

This timetable is by far the oldest in my collection of Derbyshire bus timetables.
It is dated 30th June 1924.
It contains details of civic dignitaries, the Tramways Committee and the senior officers.
Following this are details of country walks that can be accessed from the Corporations bus and tram services.
Then come departure times for the bus services including one from Whittington Moor Tram Terminus to Woodseats Tram Terminus effectively linking Chesterfield to Sheffield.
Finally on pages 47 and 48 are lists of tramway fares and on pages 50 and 52 are lists of tramway departure times. (The only thing that is missing is the running time but perhaps I can find this from another source).
Virtually every other page is given over to adverts which add to the social history.
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