Monday, August 13, 2007

1940s - People

Pictures taken on 11th August 2007.


  1. Anonymous31/8/07 15:54

    What a lovely sight. Museum staff still in full uniform drinking alcohol and gossiping outside the pub......

  2. Anonymous9/9/07 17:10

    I can honestly say that the members of Museum staff you refer to who were drinking alcohol and having a relaxing evening outside the pub were signed off from safety critical work and any of them who were still signed in were only drinking non-alcoholic drinks. I suggest "anonymous" that you get your facts right before accusing people of doing something they are not!

  3. Anonymous13/9/07 12:50

    The facts may be ascertainable from your duty record books, but many of us reading this website don't have access to them. I am very interested in what happens at the museum and make judgements from the contents of the photographs. As a customer I see a lovely view of people in uniform drinking what appears to be alcohol outside the pub.People in uniform are your ambassadors, of course your staff have a right to relax, shouldn't they change first?

  4. Anonymous13/9/07 20:40

    Worker has missed the point, it is irrelevant whether they were signed in or not, it is the image created that offends. It takes less than a minute to remove a tie even if you can't be bothered to change a shirt. Maybe also, at the end of the day, the staff deserve not to have had this photograph plastered over the internet in the first place.