Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A busy (and a disappointing) day

After grey skies and a cold wind in the morning the sun came out for the afternoon. Trams in service were LCC 106, Jo'burg 60 and Glasgow 22. The driving school was using Paisley 68 and Leeds 180 made some test runs. Add to this a few trips by Berlin 3006 and we have a busy day.
1. Tony Stevenson at the controls of LCC 106.
2. Jo'burg 60 between trips with Leeds 180 in the background.
But for me it was a disappointing day. I signed at 9:00 am for a tram driving test that I had expected to take until mid-day or perhaps 1:00 pm. However I was wildly wrong in my assumptions and at 3:30 pm I was told that the practical part of the test would not begin until around 4:30 pm. I am a morning person. This was simply too late in the day to start a stressful activity having hung around waiting and doing odd jobs since 11:30. There was no way that I could have given my best in these circumstances so I signed off.
Two comments have been added to this post. I would simply add that the sequence of events was most unfortunate for all concerned. I would like to thank the driving instructors and all other operations staff who helped me.
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  1. Anonymous24/8/07 22:59

    Sorry that you felt unable to do your tram driving test late in the day. Unfortunately this probably shows that tram driving at Crich is not for you. On a busy Bank Holiday or special event, a tram driver still has to be able to cope with the stress whether at 10am or 5pm. In a sense you have already failed your test by not facing this challenge. Sorry.

  2. Anonymous29/8/07 17:43

    Richard, people fought for you to get in to driving school against a lot of opposition. You owe it to them to prove that you have the tenacity, temperament and stamina to make a tram driver.