Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 - Crich 50

I am looking forward to the celebrations to mark 50 Years at Crich for the Tramway Museum Society. I joined the Society as a 17 year old school boy in April or May 1959 and am hoping to be invited to participate in all three of the events described on page 20 of The Journal. I am also hoping that Kath, although no longer a member, will be invited to accompany me.

My credentials are:
  • Media Day - I worked for a printing company for over 30 years and am proud to have been Editor of The Journal of the Tramway Museum Society for many years.
  • Friends and Neighbours Day - in 1959 I lived in Matlock and in 1967 I moved to Ripley where I still live so I think I can relate to both Derbyshire folk and to the Society.
  • Members Day - I was an active member in the pioneering days between 1959 and 1965.

Kath's main claim to fame is that she was the first woman to qualify as a tram driver and that the Bye Laws had to be changed to allow this.

Best wishes for 2009 to the Society and all its members and employees.


  1. Anonymous1/1/09 15:24

    Happy New Year to you Richard, keep up the good work in 2009!

  2. Anonymous2/1/09 11:06

    How pompous. But I suppose that's one of the purposes of a personal blog in today's self-centred world.

  3. Anonymous2/1/09 11:25

    Thoroughly agree - it's sometimes necessary for those who think they know to be reminded that nobody actually knows everything.

  4. Anonymous2/1/09 21:11

    Keep up the good work Richard. It's the best xource of information about Crich, certainly much better than the official website.
    And yes we need to know who stole our mobey and how much did they get!
    Hope both you and Kath have a good 2009.

  5. Anonymous4/1/09 18:26

    The 'official website' serves a completely different purpose to Richard's Blog and the two should not have to be in competition.

  6. Anonymous4/1/09 21:22

    Gordon, you forgot to mention Richard's extensive comments on the banking/credit crisis. As you rightly say, there's much more here than on the official Crich website. If only the TMS tramway site would cover these topics as well, instead of concentrating on tramways. Why on earth do they focus on the National Tramway Museum? I'm lost for an answer.

  7. Anonymous4/1/09 21:51

    Richard, come clean and tell us why you left the society and then were allowed to rejoin. We've never heard it straight from you on the record. Then, who knows, you might get your invitation.

  8. Anonymous10/1/09 18:58

    Well done Richard for blowing your own trumpet, there is nothing pompous in what you said. You should be recognised for work done in the past. There are to many in the museum who think it's their own private collection/playground and rry to keep other out who don't fit in with their little group. Keep up the good work

  9. So many anonymous! Why?

  10. Anonymous11/1/09 17:37

    I agree why so many annonymous? If you have something to say and want to be taken seriously please put your name on it!