Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Four pioneering members of the Tramway Museum Society from 1959 (1. Richard Lomas & Mike Crabtree, 2. David Tudor (right), 3. Mike Gilks (right) and a few newer members to make up the numbers.

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  1. Is the chap on the right in the first picture wearing a Christmas jumper from last christmas?

  2. No, it couldn't be last year's Christmas present as he was wearing it at the same booze up last year! (see 21.12.2008 post)

  3. What's sadder, wearing the same Christmas present jumper or someone noticing that he's wearing the same jumper at last years booze up?

  4. Jason Bourne28/12/09 18:10

    Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse this year the Pantomime Pullover Police appear on the scene! Watchout, they're behind you!

  5. Billy No Mates28/12/09 19:09

    What is sadder? Noticing what jumper someone is wearing or missing the the big picture?
    Board Members past and present, past Presidents, 'WORKING' Volunteers spanning fifty years of the TMS and Staff having a laugh and enjoying having a few beers together at Christmas?
    Isn't this what it's always been about and the way forward for a successful future for everyone at Crich?
    Time to bury differences and go forward!
    Peace and harmony for 2010!