Thursday, January 28, 2010


Thanks for your comment Gordon. I changed the design of the blog slightly to widen the column which allows two pictures to be displayed side by side on a widescreen laptop but I now realise it doesn't work on a standard screen desktop monitor. So I have changed it back. I have changed to a design with a border to reduce the expanse of white space on laptops.
Thanks also to Geoff for his comments. I have changed the heading text to white in the short term. The answer is to choose a more suitable picture such as on my bus blog but I like this one so I will leave it for a while.Posted by Picasa


  1. Gordon Bulmer28/1/10 16:54

    Hello Richard,
    Since the beginning of this year some photographs have appeared to the right of the usual place but only show part,
    Has something changed?

  2. Gordon Bulmer29/1/10 08:29

    Hello Richard,
    That is much better now, thanks.

  3. Geoff voish Mannin1/2/10 15:39

    I like the 'new look', except for the black type used for the wording over the main picture - the words disappear into the background. Maybe change them to white or red?