Saturday, January 23, 2010

Green Door to Exhibition Hall

Work behind the Green Door has continued this week. All the 'trade stands' on the back wall have been dismantled and the 'stable'  has been prised apart.

Click here for more information on the New Tramway Century Exhibition.

Please note that these are not my pictures and that I have not tried to enter the Exhibition Hall which is now clearly signed as a hard hat, high vis jacket and safety boot area.
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  1. Anonymous24/1/10 05:25

    I haven't been back to Crich since i was young. My memories of it are the David Starkey narrated film in a rather small dark room which smelled mildly of vomit...Also always being told that there was no TMS ties for sale, by the woman in the shop (despite being advertisted regularly on the back of the Journal!). I didn't press her but i left with the impression that they only went to tram crews and not every other member. Oh and i also remember once a certain uniformed member rather rudely requesting my parents to move their car, from a near empty carpark to outside Field Cottage, when he saw us take out our membership cards at the entrance booth. No hello or welcome after several hours on the road to get there. And i still remember the guys name from his mugshot in the Journal. Yes these are the things i still remember about your museum!!

    I really don't envy the person who has to make trams seem non-fogey to a family audience. What is so exciting about static trams to mothers and young kids? What can be done to improve them? Answer: nothing as per artists impression. They just look like awkward accessories. I presume most of the 500k budget is going on that lovely sensitive lighting.

    I look forward to another Crich attempt to be popular with the outside world. Remember 'The Action Stop!'? Oh dear! Even as a kid i cringed for the museum. Best of luck you guys!

  2. Interesting but sad memories Anonymous. As a former working member I can well remember cringing at the way some members treated paying visitors and occasional visits from more distant members.
    The issue of making trams more interesting is a difficult one. The whole idea of the museum and one where I think it still succeeds was that the visitors should be able to experience the atmosphere of the tram. The Hall is I believe intended to be a way of displaying more of the collection in a spacious building rather than in the cramped running sheds.