Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Howth 10 at Fleetwood in 1985

This picture shows Howth looking magnificent 25 years ago. It had a number of modifications to enable it to run in Blackpool. All I am suggesting is that these are reversed now that it is permanently on display as a static exhibit because in another 25 years everyone will have forgotten what these were and I doubt if detailed records were kept.
The reversable wooden side destination board was also still in place when this picture was taken. I wonder where they are now?
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  1. Anonymous14/9/10 07:58

    Why not restore it to service, far too many trams gather dust at Crich.

  2. Matt Damon15/9/10 21:38

    Anonymous, what planet are you on? Have a day trip to planet reality in 2010 whilst smelling the coffee, leaving the duster and rose tinted's at home!

  3. It would be nice to see it restored, but as that will not be possible for many years I would just like to see the Blackpool bits removed so it is back to Hill of Howth condition.
    @Matt Damon, there is no need to be so rude. Anonymous is allowed his opinion (whoever he is!) and should not be attacked for voicing it.

  4. Rich - why is it not possible to restore Howth 10 'for many years'? If funding was in place I see no reason why 10 could not run again; I'm sure it would be a far easier job than many other projects, LUT 159 being an example. Indeed, the tram arrived at Crich having already been restored for service at Blackpool... why it never ran again is one of the mysteries of life I guess! I agree with the original post though, it would be good to see those destination blinds taken off, I wonder how many visitors think that Dublin has a Pleasure Beach!?

  5. The tram came to Crich working and was going to be used after. Private polotics meant the tram did not fit certain peoples standards. private politics is still now ruining crich.