Saturday, September 04, 2010

Best wishes to Christchurch

I'm sure all readers of this blog will join me in sending our best wishes to the people of Christchurch following the earthquake. I hope that neither the tramway nor the museum at Ferrymead were seriously damaged.

Chris Irwin has sent me the following good news:
Hi - you'll be pleased to hear that the Christchurch Tramway reopened on Friday in spite of their still being some small areas of the CBD (Central Business District) being fenced off. So did the Gondola which goes from the edge of the city to the Port Hills.

No news yet about Ferrymead.
There has been a lot more damage than at first thought, partly because of the second quake which was barely reported here. Although smaller then the first it was much quicker and nearer the surface, with its epicentre nearer the city. A lot of buildings have been damaged by liquifaction where the ground turns to a soft mud like quicksand and buildings sink in, while garage petrol tanks and the like float to the surface.Posted by Picasa

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  1. I, too, wish them well. A lovely, friendly system. At least we do not have the worry of earthquakes (touch wood!).