Saturday, March 08, 2014


Victoria stop is now closed whilst the railway station is altered and the Metrolink stop is enlarged to four platforms ready for  the second city crossing. Routes are altered so that only Altrincham to Bury and East Didsbury to Rochdale Railway Station run through Victoria. However there is only one working track through Victoria. Trams going to Altrincham & East Didsbury use the crossover just outside Victoria to gain the other track and track has been altered in Balloon St to allow them to regain the correct track just before Shudehill stop. 
There is a staff to be exchanged at Shudehill and a new staff post that has been set up by the crossover beyond Victoria. Both positions are manned to oversee the hand over. Single trams take the staff while if two need to go through then the first goes through without a staff and the second takes it. Shudehill has been fenced off and staffed so that you have to show your ticket / pass to get onto the stop or get off it for that matter.

Looking up Balloon St towards Shudehill

Tram at Crumpsall on the Bury to Abraham Moss shuttle

At Shudehill handing over the staff

Looking down Balloon St from Shudehill

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