Wednesday, April 09, 2014


I visited the museum with Wim Beukenkamp on the Sunday morning and was surprised how it has developed in the many years since I have been there.  The addition of a part-terrace of old Amsterdam houses near the entrance (also new) is a very good exhibit showing the slums and one of the old 'brown bars' with the smoke stained decor etc also a new working micro brewery has been added with the beer being sold in the cafes.
Here is a link to the Arnhem tourist guide online -

Rotterdam 535 coming into view at the cottages

Rounding the bend at the cafe

Rotterdam 520 - another mainstay of the fleet

Rotterdam Artic which was in use on Driver Training

520 at the depot with the goods yard in the back ground

I really liked the vsccuum/leafblower arrangement

Arnhem 76 at the Depot

Arnhem 76 en route

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