Sunday, December 16, 2018


A friend and I visited Coplawhill Works on 19th November 1962 to assess 1005 for preservation - that's another story! Coincidentally it turned out that the very last trams to be taken into Coplawhill for splitting into two halves and handed over to the breakers were six Mark 1 Coronations stabled in the former Barrland Street Permanent Way Yard. The Coplawhill men that were undertaking the job kindly indulged us even allowing a short drive each. The ground conditions were dreadful and the access point from Albert Drive into Barrland Street remained firmly set, fortuitously, towards Albert Drive. The workers also agreed to the final car running the length of Albert Drive before entering the works. After that the power was turned off to the overhead and Glasgow's very last car had run. Needless to say I am afraid the quality of the recording and photographs are not the best but I thought it worth conserving this little bit of history before the elements disappeared. Most of Coplawhill Works has remained as a performance venue and it was a strange feeling to have a coffee there over 50 years since the last tram ran.

Glasgow's very last trams - sounds

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