Friday, April 22, 2022

SEATON TRAMWAY EASTER 2022 - Keith Chadbourne

  It was a glorious Easter. I spent 4 days down at Seaton over Easter. Here are  a few pictures. Neither of the new stops are open yet whilst Riverside looks ready there is still quite a bit of work needed at the new Wetlands Stop ( Swan’s Nest ). The new timetable has been introduced so we are sort of “Ghost running”. That is we stop at the new stops for 2 minutes whilst we explain what is going to be the position when the stops are open. So it has been a case of forget all the old times and passing places. We now pass at Riverside, Wetlands and Cownhayne. How popular the new stops will be we will have to wait and see and whether 2 minutes will be long enough for the numbers who wish to get off/board. From experience at Crich and Seaton people take longer to get off / board than they used to.


14th April Riverside Stopo

16th April no 10 arriving at Seaton

No 8 at the stilll to be finished Wetlands Stop

Driver's view at Wetlands Stop looking towards Seaton

16th April looking towards Riverside and the depot

17th April no 12 at Colyton waiting to depart

17th April no 2 heading off towards Colyton from Riverside stop


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