Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Points and a tractor

Today was a miserable day with persistant drizzle all day. The trams in service were Blackpool 167, Glasgow 812 and Leeds 345.
At lunch time I walked round to the depot fan and saw what at first glance looked like a farm tractor and trailer. However the trailer had a hoist mechanism powered by the tractor engine. It transpired that it was to collect a set of point castings for refurbishment.
1. The trailer had been made ready with stabilising legs when 'umberella man' appeared to operate the traverser.
2. The points were on the flat wagon.
3. Having operated on the handles of the former PW crane many, many times, I was impressed by the manoeuverabilty and ease of use of the hoist.
4. All three components safely loaded.
It is planned to use these points in the Wakebridge Track Project this winter. I hope to be able to post regular pictures of this project.

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