Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A pleasant surprise

This is the last week of the tram service this year and it is unlikely that I will visit the Museum before Sunday, so I had a last ride to Glory Mine.
1. Leeds 399 at Wakebridge.
2. Glasgow 812 coming the opposite way.
3. Today's surprise Blackpool 'rack 2' in service.
4. Old greybeards.

I hope to report on winter work at the National Tramway Museum. I will be working as a volunteer on the project to reorganise the Library to accomodate Winstan Bond's book collection and I will try to visit the Workshop each week.
My main objective will be to get some pictures of the track renewal at Wakebridge. I think this is the most exciting project since the extension of the line to Glory Mine 30 years ago. Without good quality track and overhead line we cannot operate the trams and without the tram service the museum is dead.
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