Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lights, Sheffield 330 and Events.

1 & 2. Richard Stead is now making ornate light fittings for London United 159.
3. Sheffield 330's bumper has now been re-fitted.Posted by Picasa
The Museum's official website now contains a list of Events for 2009. My favourite event Red October has been dropped which is a shame. It was a little bit different from the run of the mill WW II and popular car club events and it could have been developed to showcase Prague 180 and Halle 902 which are just stored and not adding any value to the collection.
I have always had mixed feelings about events as they often detract from the core business of the Museum. I will never forget the British evacuee children being bundled onto a German tram - so much for historical accuracy. A more serious concern is that visiting exhibitors often give me the impression that they own the place and that they are not subject to our disciplines - dangerously sited sales stalls and vehicles blocking walkways being typical examples.

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  1. Anonymous5/12/08 15:48

    Sadly it sems that special event exhibitors and re-enactors will not take H&S precautions seriously until someone gets hurt. By which time they will have disappeared at high speed into the undergrowth, leaving the museum to pick up the pieces and recover from the bad press.
    One of the diggers in the 1959 photo.