Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A quiet morning

Three pictures taken as I walked back from Wakebridge this morning. Thanks to Peter Bird and John Markham for pointing out errors in my Thermit welding story. These have been corrected.

In reply to Steve's comment:
'Hi Steve nice to hear from you. All the Thermit welds were done using moulds suitable for modern Ri 60 or 35G rail and I think that Balfour Beatty procured the kits. To the best of my knowledge the only other Thermit welding at Crich was by contractors on 35G rail.
Best wishes for Christmas and 2009.
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  1. Good Blog =)

  2. Hi Richard
    could tell me if the Thermit kits that were used we made for new or old BS Patten Rail or is it RI 60 Rail We will Require some old style kits to carry out repairs to the track for the new extension in Christchurch