Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Better News & Thankyou

I have agreed to attend a Meeting at 9:30 on Friday morning which I hope will be the first step towards achieving my ambition of being accepted as a full member of the Library staff.

Kath and I attended the meeting at 9:30. We now await the outcome which because of holidays will not be for several weeks. In the meantime a big thankyou to all of those who have sent me messages of support. It would be inappropriate to comment further.


  1. Anonymous25/3/09 17:04

    Good luck --keep up the blog

  2. We hope your meeting goes well on Friday and you take the first steps towards your ambition.

    It appears to us that constructive criticism is taken as a negative and not in the way it is meant. Everyone has A right to their opinion and shouldn't be penalised for voicing it.

    Even though we aren't members of the museum we do enjoy reading your regular updates of the goings on at Crich