Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This afternoon I had a chat with Neil Daft who described the recent work on the overhead line at Wakebridge.

1. The wire over the south curve has been raised and moved to the left so that it now over the centre of the track. Basically this was achieved by lengthening the span on the right and shortening and adjusting those on the left.
Step two was to check the height and alignment at the north end and to remove the siding wire. The remaining pictures show work in progress on step three to remove the frog.
2. It is not often that you can look down on the tower wagon crew.
3. John Markham at work.
4. This picture shows the work in hand. The frog has to be removed and the wire repositioned to the left where a new fitting can be seen on the span wire over the centre of the tower platform rail.
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