Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bad news for me and some tram pictures

I arrived at 10:00 this morning for a meeting with Glynn Wilton, the Curator. He was busy so I had to wait around until 11:00 and I took a few pictures.
At 11:00 in the presence of Andrew Watkins, Financial Controller, Glynn gave me a letter stating that "my work in the Library will no longer be required". This blog which is regarded as harassment by Museum employees and my confrontational attitude in trying to get things done would appear to be the reasons.
I have appealed and will spend the rest of this afternoon reading Disciplinary Rules & Procedures for Working Members of the Society.
1. Glasgow 812, Paisley 68, Leeds 345 and Sheffield 330.

2. Blackpool 40 and Leeds 602.

3. Leeds 399 in use for driver training.

4. I joined the TMS in May 1959 when Southampton 45 was on display at the Montague Motor Museum in Bealieu. Perhaps one of the events for 'Crich 50' would be to pose 45 and 102 side by side as I think they were at Beaulieu.
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  1. Anonymous24/3/09 18:13

    Hi Richard, I find this unbelievable! Just because you dare to question how things are done (or not) you are told your services are "no longer required" - the TMS should be a democratic organisation and all you are doing is expressing an opinion in something that obviously means a great deal to you. I cannot see how this can be seen as harrassment. You are providing a very good source of news for those of us who cannot visit the museum as regularly as you. Some people at the museum obviously think they are god!

    This is the same organisation that asked members for their views LAST year, yet we have heard nothing from the secretary in response to these surveys that members took time and effort to complete foir the benefit of the museum and society - no wonder we sometimes struggle to get volunteers - good luck Richard.

  2. Anonymous24/3/09 20:33

    I am shocked & disgusted at what has been done to you, & agree with everything Gary Conn has said. For our employees (& they should be reminded that it is we the TMS members who employ them))to treat a Member of the TMS in this way is appalling. I imagine that our Curator would not have done this without Board approval, and it is to the Board that you should appeal, and demand an explanation.
    While I have often disagreed with your comments in the past, I absolutely defend your right to make them. This is an injustice, and an insult to a willing volunteer, of whom we have far too few. Good luck with your appeal.

  3. Anonymous24/3/09 22:07

    Hi Richard.

    Very sorry to hear your news. Always look forward to your regular updates of everyday life at Crich and your coverage of the Wakebridge project this winter has been superb and much appreciated.

    Please don't tar all the employees with the same brush! : (

  4. Anonymous25/3/09 00:15

    The TMS once again leave me speechless. I have read this blog throughout and have seen nothing which in any way could be construed as harrassment or confrontational.

    What I have seen is a dedicated survey of developments at Crich with occasional constructive criticism, that has usually been offensively responded to by anonymous commentators.

    I really do wonder if the TMS want volunteers. Is it any wonder they are in short supply?

    Crich is a wonderful place and is a superb tribute to the efforts of TMS members through the years but the TMS corporate attitude is tragically quite offensive.

    When will the TMS learn that it can't treat people this way?

  5. Anonymous25/3/09 18:16


    I am very sorry about this. But, as Gary has explained (thank you, very well written), this attitude seems to be more and more common at Crich. It`s sad to say, but it`s one more reason to stay away.

  6. Hi Richard, sorry to say how typical, how disgusting. I agree with comments already made but unlike Gary I don't find it unbelievable. We have been here at least three times in the last 12 months with other volunteers, several of whom are no longer volunteering!! I wonder why. ( well not really). When are the museum going to learn that we need both the employed staff and the volunteers in order for the museum to continue to function. Just because certain people are employed and other only volunteer it is no reason the think that employee's have any more rights than the volunteer staff or are higher up the pecking order. If you don't want to be criticized
    at somewhere as diverse as the museum with individual wishes and interests at the fore then employed or volunteering at the wrong place.

    I would strongly advise you to take an independent witness with you on Friday to take notes and confirm the exact conversation otherwise you will may find that the notes taken by the other side will not be a true reflection on the meeting but more what they want to be true record. I have been there with other volunteers in the same situation so I can speak from experience. Also whilst we have 'Disciplinary Rules & Procedures for Working Members of the Society'. They tend to be ignored or not followed when it suits. Or they don't fit with the required outcome!!

    Maybe this is yet another reason why the only driver we have so far for Easter Saturday is the Chairman.

    I think it's time the small minority at the museum were told by the whole of the Board that we are a society of Members and not a society for employed staff and that unless the attitude changes there will not be any volunteers left and if there are no volunteers there ar no paying visitors and therefore no income and oh dear no wages to employ staff.

    Good luck on Friday I hope for once we have a mutually satisfactory conclusion.

  7. Anonymous26/3/09 16:39

    If your site is harrassment, why do so many employees sems to be happily smiling for your camera. I've heard many a time that you have always seeked guidance before publishing photos so what is up with the place. Is it the village idiots running the Crich Tramway Village?

  8. Anonymous27/3/09 11:36

    The TMS members DO NOT employ the staff, their £20 simply pays for the Journal.