Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wartime motor vehicles

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  1. Jason Bourne12/8/09 22:21

    Some great pictures as usual Richard, thanks! Some of them raise some very interesting and serious H&S issues regarding the seating arrangements of the 'toy soldiers' on motor vehicles!
    I had the misfortune to witness some of this years pantomime. Whilst I think the event still has some mileage left in it (just) I think it's time to draw a line under the military emphasis, many re-enactors seemed to be getting very carried away with very little management. Considering the present situation in Iraq and Afganistan I think some of it is in extremely poor taste, the ARP clown with his unexploded bomb routine for example, not funny!
    Great while it lasted but time to move on?

  2. Hi Richard,
    What a shame Jason found the 1940s weekend an unfortunate pantomime. Fortunately the other 5999 visitors over the weekend had a great time at a hugely successful, well organised, and profitable event. The event has much "mileage" still in it as it grows and grows as our premier event of the calendar. His petty H&S gripes sound like sour grapes to me! Perhaps the re-enactors just got in the way of his tramspotting. The reality is that events like this bring large sums of much needed revenue to our museum, and we should embrace them.

  3. Helen DeGiorgio21/8/09 11:22

    I agree with Jason. A Museum is about accurate portrayal of history this event has got out of control, the fox has taken over the chicken coop. Yes, it may be succesful and bring in much needed cash, but it needs re-evaluating and delivering with some integrity. The events team needs to take control back from the re-enactors, do some real research and make sure visitors realise that war is serious not a bundle of laughs. At the very least we owe that to the lads dying for us in Afghanistan. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  4. I have attended many 40's events over the years. We, I think have got it about right, for informing the public and entertaining the public. I do not know if Jason or Helen attened on the Sunday when a short Rememberance Service was held, or stayed till the end of the event when one of the re-enactors pointed out what they were about and what they were trying to achive, which is not to gloryfy war but to keep it in the minds eye of everyone what the terrors of war are so that hopefully we do not have to go through total war again. Also to remember the men and women who are in Afganistan and all conflicts since.
    If you read real stories about life during WWII there was much humour.
    It was a good event enjoyed by all.
    I am an exservice man