Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Exhibition (and Sheffield 264)

During the weekend Sheffield 264 was washed and cleaned and together with Leeds 602 is now out of reach in the exhibition hall. I understand that Derby 1 and Howth 10 were also washed and cleaned over the weekend.This picture was taken yesterday, Tuesday, and there doesn't seem to be much activity in the exhibition hall.

It is well known and documented that 264 was repainted at Crich in the 1960s. However there seems to be a myth that the interior was not touched.

264 arrived at Crich straight out of service, complete and in running order. It has also had a trail of unpaid bills. I was one of a small team of sponsors formed in 1961 who raised money to pay off debts and then to pay for depot accommodation and paint etc. 264 stood outside for longer than 189 or 510 and both the winter rain and summer sun took their tolls both inside and out. Our only chance of saving 264 was to strip down and paint both the interior and exterior so that it could take up its role as an operational duplicate.
This we did and 264 was quite extensively used for several seasons during which time several mechanical faults had to be rectified.

It is well known that 264 had a complete exterior repaint. Perhaps it is not so well known that all of the interior paint and varnish was stripped down and repainted. Some small body panels and wooden body parts were replaced and a vast quantity of P35 body filler and Nitromors paint stripper was used.

Over the next few weeks I will try to assemble a more detailed report of the work that was done. If someone else can do this for 189 then these facts can be taken into account in any future decision.

Finally the Museum has a new web site. I always keep an eye on the situations vacant in case any jobs in the library are advertised. Posted by Picasa

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