Friday, March 12, 2010

Nottingham and Blackpool

I have been to Nottingham today.
The Lacemarket.

The connecting bus service to Ilkeston at Phoenix Park. I arrived at 15:54, took this picture and the bus left at 15:56 - fantastic! There are discussions about a merger between the two French companies Veolia and Transdev which is a stakeholder in NET.

Click here for pictures of Blackpool trams heading for Crich. I have a question about 249: does it have original tram seats or have some been replaced by bus seats as on some Blackpool trams? I ask this because, as was the case on Sheffield 189, 50 years ago it is easy to change them now but it may well be very difficult in the future.
By the way, I notice on your blog you asked if 712 has bus seats. Having ridden on it last September, I'm pleased to confirm that it still has a full set of swing-over seats intact, just how it should be!!!Posted by Picasa


  1. Anonymous13/3/10 00:10

    648 is such an ugly monster.

  2. Apothecary15/3/10 19:44

    I second "anonymous's" comment. 648 and its sisters are ugly brutes. They are also surely the noisiest trams on the planet! However, they do represent an important part of British tramway history, and as such we should welcome one of their number (if only through gritted teeth) as part of our collection. I can't imagine many of our visitors relishing a ride on it however.

  3. I doubt that any of the new cars will run at the musuem, at least initially. 607/Set 2/630 for the reasons stated with 712, and the other two cars due to their complexity. Thinking back to the 902 problems when it ran I would expect they would use similar amounts of power, not forgetting their Chopper controls too which would need driver re-training!

    But yes, they do deserve a place in the collection, and they aren't that ugly! Certainly had the fleet ended up like 648 or 645 they would be better ;)